Making Your Corian Countertops Look New Again

Corian is a synthetic material very popular for kitchen countertops and much more cost efficient than other solid surfaces like granite. The material looks attractive, is highly durable, and can withstand heavy use. One of the most attractive features of Corian countertops is that any scratches you might encounter can be removed and repaired, making them look new again. Here are some easy instructions on how to refinish Corian countertops at home so nicks and blemishes disappear.

Prepping the Surface

Before you begin the refinishing process, it's important your counters are completely clean and prepped. You can easily clean Corian by using a very mild liquid cleanser, preferably one that has abrasives. These abrasives will help remove tough stains and get the surface ready for refinishing. Use a wet sponge or rag and apply the cleanser in a circular motion. Once the stains have been removed, wipe the surface down with clean water and let the countertops dry completely.


In order to get scratches out, first you must sand the surface thoroughly. Use an 800 grit sandpaper and a hand sander. It is not recommended you use an electric sander since this could apply too much pressure and be too harsh on the countertops. Sand them using long sweeping strokes, and change directions frequently as you sand. Spray the surface with water as you sand to help prevent it from being too harsh on the counters.

You should notice the scratches begin to fade and become less noticeable. Clean the countertops off with clean water, and dry them off with a soft microfiber cloth. If scratches remain, you may have to re-sand using a 1000 grit sandpaper and repeat the process.


Now it's time to make your Corian countertops look new again. Using a white polishing paste, apply it to sections of the countertops using the sander. Special polishing pads should be used in conjunction with the sander, which will help gently apply the polishing paste.

Do this in small areas as you go, ensuring that the polishing paste is properly applied and is adding a nice shine to the surface area. You can always come back and apply more polishing paste if needed. After the entire surface has been polished, double check to make sure everything looks even and smooth. You can now buff it down with a soft cloth, and your Corian countertops should look scratch-free and new again.